State of Dis-Union: The NeuroDiversity Movement At A Crossroads And Why It Should Matter To Everyone

J. David Hall
14 min readApr 28, 2021

I’m a recently diagnosed autistic man, and in the years since I wrote the article, Autistic Uprising: a Neurodivergent Rebellion of Hearts and Minds, I’ve invested my organization deeply in the service of engaging, equipping, and encouraging autistic and other neurodivergent persons, seeking through one-on-one life coaching transformative growth for those who seek help. The work has been rewarding, witnessing powerful stories of transformation for many autistic persons, their families, employers, and many others.

Still, as a trailblazer, ambassador of the Neurodiversity Movement, I’ve not forgotten for a moment why no gains matter if we do not see the day of true neurodiversity understanding, acceptance reached as a culture. Until we reach the break-point, the moment, all will be colored by struggle. To echo the closing words of my friend and colleague Steve Silberman, in his brilliant book, NeuroTribes: The Legacy of Autism and the Future of Neurodiversity; “There is much work to be done.”

Indeed, there is much work to be done before we can hope to claim the crown of equality, acceptance, understanding, and full engagement of all minds in the day of true neurodiversity. Yet, those of us who are called to labor forward in this movement cannot work blindly, willfully oblivious to the many troubles, challenges, and obstacles now in our way. We will need to face them, overcome them, or we will fail. And not just a few persons fail, but all of us — all of us together.

There are many sources available to be found regarding the Neurodiversity Movement, and I’ll spare readers the long walk through those particular woods. Still, perhaps a brief description of the Neurodiversity Movement would be helpful for those who may be unaware of its origins and gains as a social change movement.

Judy Singer was the first to coin the term “neurodiversity,” and since then, the move towards taking it from a philosophy to an actual instrument for social change has been unfolding steadily.

The Neurodiversity Movement is a progressive human rights initiative powered by neurodivergent persons and their true allies. It is based upon the core belief of all minds, autistic and…

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